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Standard Features
  • Upload Multiple Respondents - Upload new respondents from a spreadsheet. SMS-Track provides a custom template for each survey.
  • Keyword Signup - Automatically add new respondents to your survey by texting a specific keyword to SMS-Track.
  • Respondent Categories - Easily add additional data for each respondent in extension to the basic respondent data. Eg. gender, age.
  • Question Filtering - Setup branching rules dependent on incoming answers. This allows for intelligent selection of the next question.
  • Answer Parsing - Different levels of text parsing is available to handle incoming messages.
  • Answer Validation - Enforce answer validation by rejecting answers which does not fit the specified requirements.
  • One Way Messages - Send out one-way messages. Can be used for outro message after a successfull survey has finished.
  • Intro Messages - Send an introduction message at the beginning of a survey to all new respondents.
  • Automatic Opt Out - Respondents will automatically be removed from SMS-Track by texting the keyword "Stop".
  • Reminder - In case of forgetful respondents a reminder message can be sent out to allow the respondent to quickly resume the survey.
  • Dynamic Messages - Questions can be generated dynamically and targeted each respondent individually and personalized.
  • Missing Answers - Easily monitor missing answers and manually resend unasnwered questions.
  • Cleanse Answers - Eliminate any typing errors with an easy and quick "search and replace" in you survey data.
  • Manual one-way text messages - Send out text messages directly to all/some respondents at any time. Usefull for information updates and mass messages.
  • Standard Reports - Choose among several standard reports for presenting you survey.
  • User Defined Reports - Build your own specific reports. Save them for later or download the data directly.
  • Data Export - Export all data in a single CSV file. CSV is a simple and universal data format, which can be used for import in your own analysis / statistics software.
Add-on Features
  • MMS-support - Enables respondents to answer with pictures from mobile. (Only supported in some countries)
  • Web Survey - Combine SMS survey with a web based survey.
  • Advanced Survey Management - Advanced management features avaible for high-volume projects.
  • Advanced Reporting - Custom tailored reporting solutions designed for your specific requirements.