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Publications and Relevant Links

Publications and links related to SMS-Track SMS Survey (Text Message Survey) software and research SMS Questionnaires.
linkValidity of the SMS, Phone, and medical staff Examination sports injury surveillance system for time-loss and medical attention injuries in sports. (EN)
linkDose-response of spinal manipulation for cervicogenic headache: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. (EN)
linkFun, feasible and functioning: Students’ experiences of a physical activity intervention (EN)
linkMoving From Idea to Action: Promoting Physical Activity by Empowering Adolescents (EN)
linkTotal body fat percentage and body mass index and the association with lower extremity injuries in children: a 2.5-year longitudinal study (EN)
linkSeasonal variation in musculoskeletal extremity injuries in school children aged 6–12 followed prospectively over 2.5 years: a cohort study (EN)
linkOveruse and traumatic extremity injuries in schoolchildren surveyed with weekly text messages over 2.5 years (EN)
linkInjury risk in Danish youth and senior elite handball using a new SMS text messages approach (EN)
linkAbsence of low back pain in patients followed weekly over one year with automated text messages (EN)
linkThe relationship between low back pain and leisure time physical activity in a working population of cleaners - a study with weekly follow-ups for 1 year (EN)
linkWritten online situational feedback via mobile phone to support self-management of chronic widespread pain: a usability study of a Web-based intervention (EN)
linkMeasuring the clinical course of low back pain: using course and indications for care to identify subgroups (EN)
linkClustering patients on the basis of their individual course of low back pain over a six month period (EN)
linkComparison between data obtained through real-time data capture by SMS and a retrospective telephone interview (EN)
linkThe Nordic back pain subpopulation program: course patterns established through weekly follow-ups in patients treated for low back pain (EN)
linkThe Nordic back pain subpopulation program - individual patterns of low back pain established by means of text messaging: a longitudinal pilot study (EN)
linkSMS-Track af kiropraktorpatienter - Du har en besked i din indbakke (DA)