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Intelligent Communication with SMS-Track

Perform surveys and polls with text messaging quick and easy! Click here to register.

SMS-Track is a full featured service for SMS surveys / Text Message Surveys. Never worry about the technology, focus on your questionnarie and let SMS-Track take care of the rest. The SMS-Track Survey method has proven to be much more effective than traditional methods, with exceptionally high response rates - often 90% or higher.
Whether you are planning a large research study or just need a quick SMS Questionnaire, SMS-Track is up for the task. Contact us now and let us help you!

  1. Create Survey
All you need is your questions and respondents. Create a new SMS-Track Survey within minutes and add respondents continuously. If your research project is advanced we will set it up for you.
  2. Collect Data
Monitor incoming answers in real-time, a reply is available within seconds. A suite of SMS-Track tools help you easily manage large sets of data and clean incoming answers while always logging any changes.
  3. Present Results
Present your surveys visually with a set of predefined graphs. You can also create your own user defined reports with all the information you need, and easily export your data to your own data analysis software.