The most complete survey feature set on the market!

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With a SMS-Track survey, you get access to the most complete feature set on the market
– built through 20 years of experience sending SMS surveys.


3 Survey Setups

Simple SMS Survey

With SMS-Track you can easily start a simple survey sent using SMS / Texts where respondents answer with SMS / Text.

Advanced Web Survey

Your simple SMS Survey is integrated with our advanced web surveys – which may also be sent by SMS / Text where respondents answer on a web page.

Unrestricted and completely flexible scheduling

You can at any time change your survey to our fully flexible scheduling system. We can schedule your survey according to all your scheduling requirements.

All Features

MMS support

Enables respondents to answer with pictures from mobile, in countries where MMS responses are supported. The...

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Dynamic Messages

Questions can be generated dynamically and targeted each respondent individually and personalized. By using...

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Keyword Signup

Participants can be instructed to let them sign up to a survey by texting a key word to the project number....

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Question Filtering

Setup branching rules dependent on incoming answers. This allows for intelligent selection of the next...

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Answer Validation

Enforce answer validation by rejecting answers which does not fit the specified requirements. If certain...

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One Way Messages

Send out one-way messages. Can be used for outro message after a successfull survey has finished. SMS-Track...

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Intro Messages

This feature allows for personal touch when sending out first messages/questions to an included participant....

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Automatic Opt-Out

When operating with many participants it may be beneficial to reduce time to administer creation and...

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In case of forgetful respondents a reminder message can be sent out to allow the respondent to quickly...

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Missing Answers

In SMS-Track the Missing Answers feature provides easy overview over missing answers. In order for customers...

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Cleanse Answers

When handling large amounts of answers in the system from a large amounts of participants, it could seem...

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Standard Reports

SMS-Track has identified the most typical reports used by our customers. these has been named Standard...

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Advanced Reports

You can build your own user specific advanced reports. Save them for later or download the data directly....

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Data Export

During the project execution or upon completion of the data gathering, you have easy access to data and you...

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Flexible Scheduling

This programme allows the users to create projects with completely un-restricted scheduling. Questions via...

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Web Survey

Web Survey SMS-Track can offer features where we combine text message surveys with a web based survey....

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