Different levels of text parsing are available for handling incoming messages using artificial intelligence. Our SMS-Track AI tool allows you to carefully choose relevant texts, by NLP parsing the texts, enabling you to handle large amounts of incoming answers. This will ease the administration of the survey, and also allow easy handling of data upon completion of the project.

For instance if you require an answer in a specific format or wording our program helps you gather answers in only such format. If an answer is received, that do not comply with the chosen text parsing, our program will help the respondents, and gently ask the participants for a compliant answer.

This will not only secure better data, but also help you to reduce time spend on review data.

Other features to improve data quality and reduce administration see Cleanse Answers, Answer Validation, Missing Answers and Question Filtering.

You can also view all our Features. If you have any questions about a feature feel free to chat with us.