When handling large amounts of answers in the system from a large amounts of participants, it could seem endless to eliminate any typing errors an answer at a time.

For that reason SMS-Track offers the feature “Cleanse Answers” where you can clean up identical misspelling – in one go – with an easy and quick “search and replace” in you survey data.

25 participants have during 10 iteration has answered “nine”, hence 250 answers is “nine” instead of “9”, throughout the entire data gathering. As numbers when analyzing the data would be the preferred data value instead of wording, the “Cleanse Answer” feature can remedy this annoyance.

The feature identifies all variations of incoming answers and provides opportunity for the users to change in one strike all of the same kind of unwanted answer formats. Examples of previous uses: “yes :-)” to “yes”, “one” to “1” and so forth.

All changes are tracked and logged in the database for compliance purposes allowing you to go back and identify changes in the database.

After data cleaning, the data quality would be high and easy to use after download.

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