This programme allows the users to create projects with completely un-restricted scheduling.

Questions via text messages or web based surveys can be scheduled in our databased according to the requirements for the project. the two survey methods can be merged into on sole schedule with the benefit for the users, that the overview is kept in only one tool.

This free scheduling feature is unique in the market and allow you to send out questions:

  • hourly
  • daily
  • weekly
  • biweekly
  • monthly
  • quarterly
  • specific times at the scheduled days

In addition you can combine the above examples as you please, meaning the questions i.e. can go out each Monday at 16:00 for a month, and the following month the questions can be send out each Wednesday at 18:00.

You could also create a schedule where the questions is send out on a weekly basis during the first quarter and thereafter sending the question out on a biweekly basis – this is entirely up to your requirements, how the schedule is built.

Finally this feature allow you to merge both text message based surveys and web based surveys into this unrestricted scheduling, so you can get all kind of data at the time specified by you.