SMS Survey Software

SMS-Track is an application for performing SMS surveys, data gathering, questionnaires and analysis through two-way text-messaging. SMS-Track is 100% web based, running in the cloud. If needed, we also provide licenses, for storing the data at your location or running in a hybrid solution.

Our SMS Survey Software (also known as Text Message Survey Software) has a proven track record, that has been used extensively by our many clients across several countries. We would like to take this opportunity to present our product, SMS-Track Questionnaire a SMS Survey solution perfect for research in both companies and institutions. The validity of traditional surveys via letters or emails are often compromised by memory lapse and recall bias, which often occurs when being asked to recall situations in the past. With SMS-Track, the respondent can be prompted for an answer in any point of time, so more accurate, pin-pointed “measurements” can be made. This, of course heightens the quality of the survey. So not only does SMS-Track provide high response rates due to the easy-accessible and personal medium, but also better, more accurate results, which is what makes text message survey system a truly unique and effective product.

The user-friendly web-interface provides fast and easy access for customers to securely log on, create/monitor surveys, download data-reports and much, much more. Our service-orientated architecture also provides business-to-business interaction, allowing our customers to interact with SMS-Track through Web-services – which in short means customers are able to integrate SMS-Track into their own, existing IT-systems. A main focus point has always been to make data-delivery as easy as possible. Today, data is readily available for download in the following formats: Comma Separated Files (CSV), Microsoft Excel 2000 or higher, HTML and XML, making it very easy to import data into our customers preferred statistical tool, e.g. SPSS, SAS, MS Excel. Data presented as graphs can also be arranged for a small fee and will be delivered by email within 3 working days from when the specification is received from the customer.

Further information is enclosed regarding the extent to which SMS-Track can be advantageous and both time and money saving. In addition to this, you can also see an example of successful use of the product by one of our customers. We hope our product can be of use in your organization or institution. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information about out product and services.

We offer free demo licences, so you can try out our SMS Survey Software for yourself before purchasing.

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